CitiDesign Build Inc.

CitiDesign Build Inc.

CitiDesign Build Inc. is a licensed builder in British Columbia, Canada. We specialise in design and construction of single and multiple family homes in the Lower Mainland, especially Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and the North Shore.


Land Sourcing

Don’t have a lot? We want to help you find the perfect spot for your dream home. We’re award-winning licensed Realtor with many years of real estate experience in the Greater Vancouver Area.


At CitiDesign, each home is uniquely designed and custom built. Once design contract is signed, our design expert will produce a set of perfect plan for you to your complete satisfaction. We will assist you until city building permits have been obtained.

Construction Management

Once the permit is issued, our dedicated construction management personnels will find and coordinate the entire building project, manage sub-contractors, materials, timeline, and cost, until the final occupancy permit is issued and the home is ready for moving in.